Monday, July 22, 2019

State of the grapes

The grape vines out back seem to be enjoying summer, so far. There is no sign of crispy leaves or burned grapes. Let's hope it stays that way through this week's predicted heat wave. The blossoms are long gone and the grape bunches have formed. Now it's just a matter of time and weather for the grapes to ripen. If the weather stays hot and dry, the harvest might start earlier than normal. Still, I think it's too early to tell.

Healthy looking leaves and grape bunches.

Because it's been so dry, the growers haven't had to spray any fungus preventative since spring. And, likewise, I haven't had to spray the tomato plants. I use boullie bordelaise (Bordeaux mixture), a copper sulfate and lime mixture that helps to prevent mildiou (fungus or blight) on tomato and other garden plants. It's very similar to what the growers use in the vineyards. In small quantities, it's considered safe and is officially approved for use in organic agriculture.


  1. I'm hoping the grapes tolerate the coming heat. The plant in the photo looks especially healthy.

  2. I was thinking that, too... what Evelyn said.

  3. Are those grapes edible, in terms of tasting like table grapes?
    Re my comment on the tomato teepees yesterday, I didn't mean they moved literally just figuratively, as if artistically. :-)

  4. evelyn, I'm sure the growers are, too.

    judy, yup.

    emm, they can certainly be eaten, but they're full of seeds and most are not as sweet as table grapes.

  5. There are benefits to the drought. Hope the grapes continue to thrive... and the tomatoes.


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