Friday, July 12, 2019

A blanket of green

When the grape vines are freshly trimmed, the vineyard can look like a green blanket covering the empty spaces between patches of woods. It depends on the angle, of course. Like here, it's hard to tell that there are empty spaces between the rows of vines.

The summer vineyard under sunny skies.

We're experiencing a dry spell right now. No rain for weeks, and none in the immediate forecast. The sun shines brightly most days, and it's hot (although not as hot as it was during our recent heat wave). Our lawn, such as it is, is brown. This is nothing new. We've had many a summer with a dry spell like this (we've had other summers that were rain-soaked). The question is: when will it rain again? The grape vines have deep roots and they can easily survive these spells. But other agriculture needs rain. Grains, sunflowers, and corn are grown around us. The corn is routinely irrigated but the other crops are not.


  1. The weather has been unforgiving in so many places.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! We have some other things in common besides the Albany/Saratoga region. My daughter now lives in San Francisco, and I spent my junior college year abroad in Tours studying fine art and French. Are you located near there? What wonderful memories I have of that year, including visiting a different castle each week.

  3. mitch, thankfully, I'm not in those places!

    sue, yes, we're about 40 km east of Tours on the Cher River.

  4. look at how fast the vines have grown!


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