Tuesday, July 16, 2019


The first tomatoes are forming now and all of the plants have blossoms. The first harvest is still a while away, but I'm already looking forward to it. There are thirty-two tomato plants of different varieties in this year's garden. If we're lucky, there will be beaucoup tomato sauce in the freezer this fall.

These handy plastic clips hold the tomato stem to the support. They're reusable; this is their third year in the garden.

We're still enjoying sauce from last year's harvest. We also make and can tomato paste, which is essentially sauce reduced to a paste in a slow oven. And then there are the dried tomatoes, a good ingredient for many winter dishes. But the best part is having tasty tomatoes fresh from the garden for salads, burgers, pizza, and other summer favorites.


  1. that is what our maters look like right now. and we only have 2 plants. spouse just picked his first cuke on sunday.

  2. I like that little plastic stem holder which is easier to use than twine or cloth ties.

  3. Our tomatoes are at the same point. I picked the first cucumber day before yesterday but there are no others forming, yet. The zucchinis are forming, but very slowly.

  4. Whenever I've been riding a bicycle - built - for - two I can't help singing "that" song!
    Wish I could garden and have tomatoes coming out my ears like you guys do! All that goodness! I can taste them right through my monitor!

  5. Just thinking about fresh tomatoes warm from the garden, oh my.
    I like the little tomato handcuffs, they look very useful.

  6. anne marie, I like growing cukes, but haven't for a while. They started coming in bitter. I'm not sure what caused it.

    mitch, the garden is so rewarding when it works.

    evelyn, the only down side is having to take them off in the fall. It's harder than it should be!

    ellen, our zukes are going fast, now. I picked two more this morning.

    mary, hehe!

    emm, "tomato handcuffs!" LOL!


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