Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The neighbor's cat

A couple of weeks ago, while walking by a neighbor's house, I noticed this cat in her back yard and snapped a photo. The neighbor had just arrived from her home in the Paris area to spend a few summer weeks here. The cat, it turns out, belongs to her daughter's family. They came down about a week ago. Then we found out that the cat had gone missing.

Here, kitty, kitty, kitty...

Other than the day I took the photo, neither Ken nor I have seen the cat. We noticed the family driving slowly up and down the road the other day hoping to find it, but to no avail. They went back to Paris yesterday morning, without the cat. Our neighbor told Ken that they were going to check in at the local vet's office to see if anyone had reported a found cat.

These days, Bert (our cat) gets along with most of the neighborhood cats, even the temporary visitors from Paris. We've seen some of them in our yard hanging out with Bert. But this particular cat is nowhere to be seen. Another neighbor speculated that a badger might have taken it. I suppose that's possible, but this is not a small cat, and I haven't heard of any other neighborhood cat falling prey to a badger since we've been here.

I find it curious that people would bring a cat to a vacation home and let it roam free. Seems like a strange thing to do, but this particular neighbor has been doing just that for years with her own, her son's, and her daughter's cats.


  1. The poor thing might have got lost or shut in a garage or barn somewhere. The family were at least concerned about it. I have read that thousands of cats (and dogs, but mostly cats) are simply abandoned and left to fend for themselves, or not, every summer while the family goes on holiday.
    Daisy comes back and forth with us and soon settles in at either house. But then both are her home and she is very familiar with the territory. We make sure we have her locked in the house the evening before we travel, but the first few days back are always a worry.

  2. Sorry te read this. I agree with your final statement. As I read I kept thinking it was a bad idea to let a city cat roam free at a vacation home.

  3. i would be checking nearby garages & sheds

  4. Or is she finding her way to her first home? That does happen.

  5. Please keep us updated if you get news of the kitty.

  6. Not knowing what has happened to a particular cat, or any pet at all, keeps gnawing at one's soul until you find out, if you ever do. It makes the discovery of their being found and okay all the more joyful, as we all hope like anything will be in this case too.

  7. jean, you spend a lot of time at each place, so I think Daisy knows her two homes very well.

    mitch, I wouldn't even think to let our "country" cat loose in Paris. I suppose people think the country is benign.

    melinda & fashion survivor, that's the first thing I did, and I know the neighbors had a look as well. Bert got shut in a neighbor's workshop for a whole weekend when they went away when he was first here. He survived, but was obviously not happy about it. Then he got shut up in another neighbor's house, but we saw him in the window and luckily we had the keys and could get him out. All that was years ago and he knows better now.

    sillygirl, I doubt we'll ever know.

    judy, you bet!

    raybeard, it's certainly hard not knowing what's happened.


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