Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Tasha Tuesday

Here's Tasha stopped along our morning walk route to check out something that made a noise in the grass. It was probably some kind of little rodent scurrying around in the undergrowth. She hears them often and likes to pretend she could catch one.

Tasha inspects the wildlife along the vineyard road.

Because of the spring rain and the heat wave, I didn't get out to clear the fence line on the north side of our property this year. The saplings and brambles don't waste any time filling in the space between the woods and the fence. In addition, the wind storm had blown two small trees over. They landed on the fence, but did no damage. When it happened, I cut the trunks with a hand saw where they touched the fence, but the rest stayed put. So yesterday I got the chainsaw out and cut the trunks down to the ground. I also got the hedge trimmer out and cleared the vines and blackberry brambles (thorny!) to about a meter from the fence. Then I ran the lawnmower over the strip to finish the clearing. A productive morning.


  1. I was wondering when we’d have another Tasha Tuesday. What better da than Tuesday? The work involved reigning in the natural environment can be exhausting. I remember learning when we lived in Connecticut that if we didn’t trim, farm, and maintain the state would be 70% forest.

  2. Sounds like a productive day. Hope the cut trees were usable as firewood.

  3. mitch, I still have a plot of "lawn" to cut, but it's just the weeds that are growing. It hasn't rained in 3 weeks!

    emm, I didn't think of that. I just tossed them into the woods. But I have enough firewood for now.


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