Sunday, July 21, 2019


Here's the vegetable garden as it looks this weekend. I'm keeping the plants (and weeds) watered by hand. That's why there are very few weeds between the plants, but lots of them at the base of each plant. I pull some out every day, but they grow quickly. The row of kale, just behind the zucchini in this photo, is overrun with flea beetles. The leaves are pretty much inedible now, perforated with thousands of tiny holes by the beetles. I won't use poison in the garden, so the infestation will have to run its course. I read that flea beetles feed mostly on cabbages and kale, so everything else should be safe.

I'm hoping that the kale makes some fresh new growth once the beetles are gone. I will spray some soapy water on them today; I just read that flea beetles don't like that.

There are lots of tomatoes on the vines, but they're still very small. I'm pleased with the tripods/teepees that I made with the tomato stakes. They're pretty stable, and I shouldn't have pound in additional supports this summer. I've harvested about four or five zukes so far. The peppers are developing blossoms, but the eggplant don't have any yet.

The next heat wave is expected to start on Monday and last through the week. I hope the plants survive. I've had tomatoes burned by heat in the past. But I'm not planning to take any extraordinary measures. Whatever will be, will be.


  1. I hope the soapy water helps your kale. I'm glad that the beetles will be leaving at some point. Gardens are a lesson in life. Times of infestation are troublesome, but they will pass.

  2. Those tomato teepees look beautiful. Such a shame about the drought, but less weeds!

  3. You have to admire the cheek of weeds in their tenacity and effrontery to be there.

  4. "I won't use poison in the garden." YAY
    I like the tomato teepees, they're structural and yet seem to move, be flexible all at once.

  5. evelyn, I didn't see many beetles this morning, so either it worked, or they're all still asleep.

    mitch, at least we're allowed to water the veggies!

    judy, I'm not looking forward to the hot nights.

    michael, if only they were edible! Well, some actually are, but still.

    emm, they don't move much, which was the hope.


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