Monday, July 15, 2019

The first zukes

I picked our first two zucchini of the season on Sunday. I sliced and grilled them; we ate them with grilled sausages and pasta. I didn't take any pictures, but here's an shot of the plant they came from.

A zucchini blossom in the garden. There's a tiny zucchini just to the left of the blossom's top petal.

Sunday was a busy day. I put up three mirrors, which meant lots of measuring and drilling holes in the walls. All went well with no mishaps. One of the mirrors went in the bathroom, one in the downstairs WC, and the third was relocated from the downstairs WC up to the loft.

There was also some Tour de France to watch, not to mention the nearly five-hour men's tennis final at Wimbledon. We were rooting for Federer, but Djokovic eked out the win. I noticed that Federer actually won more games than Djokovic (36 to 32), but Djokovic got the winning third set (of five) in a tie break. That's just how tennis works. So much for the grass court season. Now things will swing to the hard courts and the build up to the US Open in August.


  1. You seem to have a lot of Purslane (pourpier in French) next to the zucchini. Did you ever try it as a salad or stirfried?

  2. I love zucchini and your meal sounds great. I am always a mess when I hang things. Too many holes in the wall!

  3. I don't pay extra so I was unable to watch the final at Wimbledon. Usually NBC shows the Men's Final. Every tennis fan that I am in touch with was also rooting for Federer. Maybe next year! Your zukes and the accompagning meal sounds delish to me! I am a DIYer, too! I will be anxious to "check up" on the mirror installation. You are always good - the two of you - in sharing photos!!!

  4. Correction: accompanying!

  5. chm, I think we tried it many years ago, but not since.

    michael, I had to ask the contractor to fill four or so "mistake" holes behind another mirror that I took down. How embarrassing!

    mary, I got a sports package from our satellite tv provider mostly for tennis. That's pretty much the only sport I actively follow.

  6. It all seems to happen so quickly in your garden. But I realize it’s already mid July.


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