Saturday, July 13, 2019

Funky feline fotos

On Friday morning's walk, Tasha and I found Bert out by the pond. He likes to stalk the critters out there. It's probably mice who come to the pond for water. I've never seen Bert take a frog, and the pond is full of them right now.

Bert is 13 years old now, and he's starting to go gray!

A few weeks ago, Bert showed up with a limp, favoring his front left paw. It was swollen, but he let us manipulate it. He was also walking, going up and down stairs, and eating normally. We waited a few days to decide about taking him to the vet. When we took Tasha to the vet last year for a sprained leg, the doctor examined her (ka-ching!), took an x-ray (ka-ching!), and prescribed an anti-inflammatory (ka-ching!). Then we waited for it to get better, which it did.

Bert among the vines. The pond he likes to stalk is just out of the photo on the right.

So we didn't do that with Bert. His leg is back to normal now, and he's hunting again. A lot. He's brought at least one mouse home every day for the past week. Had we thought the leg was broken, we would not have hesitated to take him in, but his injury had all the appearances of a sprain or maybe a fight injury, so we let him heal himself, and he did. I wonder how many "lives" he has left...


  1. Contente de savoir que Bert va mieux 🐱 Bises à vous 2

  2. Bert is a handsome cat. Our rescue Lulu was very sick at Christmas time and had a huge ka-ching at Auburn when she had a laprascopic gall bladder removal. She is doing very well now, so it was worth it. She limps sometimes but gets over it pretty quickly, we think it's old age like her parents lol.

  3. Handsome Bert, still keeping the world to rights!

    Few days ago took my also 13-year old Patchie to vet for six-monthly check-up. Needs dental treatment incl. extraction - £450 (= 502 euros) - a 'ka-ching' I didn't want to hear!

  4. Thank you, Walt, for finally supplying outdoor images of Bert, even though you wrote when I requested them that he moved too fast to take photographs, Roderick

  5. Glad he's OK -- very obviously OK. Does he try to share his kills with you?

  6. mary07, beaucoup mieux. Merci !

    evelyn, no kidding! As long as he's hunting and eating normally, we figure all is well.

    raybeard, ooh, that's steep! Bert's already missing a fang, so we won't have to have that one pulled.

    roderick, normally he's too busy to pose, but on Saturday the mood struck.

    mitch, oh yes. Especially the ones that are still alive.

  7. Oh but I like black cats! They are my favorite. I miss mine.
    How's the tick situation out there? Is that a big issue in France as here?


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