Thursday, July 11, 2019

Le potager

Here's a lousy photo of the vegetable garden. The bright sun is great for the plants, but not so great for photography. It's difficult to distinguish individual plants, but you might notice that at the base of each vegetable plant is a thriving patch of weeds. They're a mixture of crab grass, purslane, and other unwanted weeds. I try to pull them out, but they have roots deep and strong. I water each plant using a watering can, so the weeds thrive where the water goes. If I used a sprinkler, the whole garden would be lost under a mound of weeds.

A wide view of the garden. Behind the watering can on the right is the oregano patch.

The snow peas along the back trellis are turning yellow and dying now, but on the right side the yellow flat beans are climbing nicely. The tomato tripods are holding up with most of the tomato bushes climbing about halfway up at this point. On the left in back are two zucchini plants, in front of them are nine pepper plants and, to the right of that, a row of kale. The left-most tripod in front is planted with eggplant.


  1. I see you give your zukes plenty of space. Weeds are part of a garden, my dad used a hoe on them but they were always hoping to take over.

  2. Like Judy (and you, obviously) I hate weeding! I do it a bit more willingly (but only a bit) in the pots on the terrace.

  3. Mulch, mulch, mulch! All those leaves you rake up in the fall could be used as a component of a mulch. Plus straw, wood chips...


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