Wednesday, July 24, 2019

103 degrees

The thermometer on our deck read 39.5ºC at its hottest point on Tuesday. That's 103ºF. Ouch. We closed up the windows and shutters just before 11 a.m., and the main floor of the house stayed relatively cool, not rising above 29ºC (about 84ºF). Going outdoors was like walking into a hot oven. It reminded me of Las Vegas or Death Valley. The loft was unbearable, but at sunset it started to feel better and we were able to sleep upstairs with the big fan going.

A morning glory looking cool in the grass last week.

Today is expected to be slightly cooler, but they're predicting 40ºC for Thursday. They say the heat will break on Friday with thunderstorms and rain predicted. I remember rain.


  1. Uf! I guess I won’t complain about our 31C here today. Well, I will, but not to you.

  2. We're expecting somewhere in England will touch those same dizzy heights too later this afternoon. Heathrow is already within touching distance, though letting an airport 'win' always seems to me to be cheating a bit. Not quite sure why.
    Here right on the south coast it's a slightly more manageable 31 right now, which is quite enough, thank you.


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