Tuesday, July 02, 2019

We still got roses

Not all the flowers burned up in the recent heat wave. These pink roses are in our back yard. The plant is in a relatively shady spot and that may have helped to keep the blooms fresh looking. I have plans to rip it out, though. I just don't like where the plant is and it's spindly and not very pretty. Except for the flowers.

A pretty shade of pink. And the French word for pink is "rose."

The plumber came on Monday and got the small sink and basin off the wall (in pretty good shape, too) and installed the new one. We like it much better, and it's much more in proportion with the room. I don't have any photos, yet, but they're coming. Ken has some photos on his blog today if you want to see them now.

The builder is expected back today for some minor drywall work and finishes (like a shelf and the baseboards). I'm not sure when he'll be completely done, but we should have two functioning WCs by the end of the day. Yippee!


  1. So glad the heat left behind some pretty!

  2. mitch, I saw on the news that down south it got so hot that the vineyards burned up (not by fire, just the heat).

    judy, yes! We're anxious for the work to finish, but glad that the two rooms are now functional.


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