Thursday, July 04, 2019

Neat and tidy

The growers out back have spent the last week trimming the grape vines. They have a special tractor that's fitted with spinning blades both vertical and horizontal. As they drive up and down the rows, the blades trim the sides and tops of the vines.

The summertime vineyard.

We're having very normal summer weather now. Dry, pleasant, and not hot. Our high temperatures are in the mid to upper 20sC (mid to high 70sF). The vegetable garden really loved the heat wave and the tomatoes had a growth burst. We have blossoms already. I've been doing some weeding and, of course, watering. I'm back in control for the time being.

Inside the house, we're slowly getting things back to normal. I'm expecting the builder back today to finish up some details. Fingers crossed!


  1. Did you ask the growers to trim and weed your garden while they were at it?

  2. Love those vines, especially right after they've had a trimming!

  3. gosia, thanks! Nice to hear from you.

    mitch, wouldn't that be nice!

    evelyn, they do look good!

    judy, you too!

  4. The weeds among the vines would drive me to distraction to remove them.


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