Sunday, July 28, 2019


Contrasts abound. We just had one of the hottest days ever, and now it's chilly outside. I had to add a blanket to the bed early this morning. Brrr. Out in the vineyards, the fields of tall grasses are parched brown while the deep-rooted grapes and trees stay green.

Make hay while the sun shines.

The Tour de France concludes today after a tumultuous weekend of hail and landslides shook things up along the route. This afternoon the cyclists will have a calm and relatively easy ride into Paris, the traditional, mostly ceremonial, finish. I'll be watching, if only for the nice aerial shots of the city.


  1. Wow. From hot to cold. Honestly, I wouldn't mind feeling a nip in the air right now! But the contrast is wonderful. I remember driving to Ensanada and commenting that it was simply San Diego without irrigation.

  2. I like your sidebar photo of the artichoke. Looks like thistle, so now I'm off to look it up, see if they're cousins.

  3. I remember when extreme weather played a prominent hand in making a vintage good or bad. I wonder if weather is important as much, what with better science of wine?


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