Saturday, July 20, 2019

Kitchen visitor

Earlier this week we had a small visitor in the kitchen. It was une mante religieuse (a praying mantis). I found it climbing up the window frame, so I grabbed the camera and got a couple of shots before it flew outside.

A mantis climbs up the kitchen window frame.

We're bracing for the coming heat wave, although there's really nothing to be done. I water the vegetable garden every morning. We're probably not going to go out and buy an air conditioner. The temperatures this weekend are ok, but the highs are starting to creep up. The air cools off after sunset and the big fan in one of the loft windows helps to move it through the room. The hottest days are predicted to be Tuesday and Wednesday. Stay tuned.


  1. These are such beautiful creatures. I remember seeing my first one when I was a kid and was glad I already knew about them. I don’t know how you survive the heat without AC. You’re much sturdier than we are.

  2. That one didn't fly, Walt... it is a nymph, a youngster....
    the wings haven't developed yet...
    there won't be any adults around until the end of August.
    That said, these little blighters can't half shift!

  3. One of my favorite insects!

  4. I love a mantis!

    currently 96F at 4p here; tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter. once I came home yesterday, I ain't going back outside until 8a monday morning for work. central air is fab!

  5. I'm with Anne-Marie in Philly. There are many things I don't care for in the South, but everything is air-conditioned. And even though AC is one of the big contributing factors to the present problems, I'm going to use it while it's available. Plus, houses here aren't built for energy efficiency, alas.

  6. mitch, fortunately, the heat doesn't usually last very long.

    tim, well, maybe it was more of a leap...

    evelyn, it's not everyone who has a favorite insect!

    anne marie, you really need the air when you live with high humidity. Our heat is much drier because it comes up from the Sahara.

    emm, our house certainly isn't built for temperature extremes! Hang in there.

  7. Walt... oh, yes... they can leap all right.....
    not as good as a grasshopper or cricket... but they can move away very rapidly...
    they are also good runners.

  8. I have never seen one in nature


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