Monday, July 01, 2019


The walnut tree that grows out along the vineyard road is covered in nuts this year. It seems to me to be more than there were last year, and the year before. The nuts will mature and will start dropping in the fall. They're usually too small to be worth gathering.

Young walnuts on the tree.

The heat wave has broken! Sunday was still hot, but much less so. And this morning it's downright chilly outside. Our high today is only expected to get up to 24ºC, which is about 75ºF. I'll take it.

Our builder came by on Sunday afternoon to ask if he could come in and get some work done. Of course, we said! He got the framing and drywall installed in the downstairs bath. The next step is the taping and mudding of the joints, before undercoat and paint. Then the plumber can install the new toilet.

I assembled the new cabinet for the upstairs sink early Sunday morning. I let the plumber know that it's ready to be installed. I'm hopeful he'll come over today and do that. There's still some taping and mudding to do on the drywall upstairs, but that's a lower priority than getting the downstairs done.


  1. So, better here today. But still not like you experienced. I LOVE walnuts and would be so frustrated to have a tree right there that didn’t produce edible nuts. We had a friend outside Santa Barbara who had a “walnut ranch.” He was a supplier for Diamond Nuts and never gave me more than 2 or 3! I hoped for a gift tin every year.

  2. Glad your heat wave has subsided. I am not a fan of walnuts because I am allergic to them! Enjoy the cooler temps.

  3. mitch, we have friends a couple of towns over who are much more generous. Their walnut trees are prolific and they like to share. Lucky us!

    michael, thanks! As they say in France, l'air est beaucoup plus respirable (the air is much more breathable).

    judy, the tomatoes are the only ones who enjoyed it!

  4. You can pickle the green walnuts while they're still soft and unripe. A but of an acquired taste, perhaps, but my brother loves them.

  5. autolycus, I've heard of them but I don't think I've ever tasted one.


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