Thursday, July 25, 2019


Today is supposed to be the hottest day of our current heat wave, but the weather site I look at most often has dialed back the predicted high. It will be hot, but not as hot as they were saying yesterday. The northeast will get it worse than us. The problem we have is that the house has now heated up. It's not cool enough in the morning for the house to shed the accumulated heat, so it just stays hot inside, and gets hotter as the day goes on.

The daisies are starting to dry out. Maybe some rain will help them last a little longer.

So, we will suffer through another stifling afternoon and evening before the weather breaks overnight. They say it will cool down significantly on Friday and we'll have some rain. The weekend will be almost chilly. I'm ready for some of that.


  1. Same here. We thought we might go to Ikea today, an air conditioned drive there, cool underground parking, meatballs for lunch, some essential shopping, an air conditioned drive back, then all we have to do is tough it out for the evening.

  2. That rain is going to feel very good!

  3. One summer, we had a huge storm that caused a WEEK LONG power outage in many areas of St. Louis, including ours-- temps in the 90s during the day, 80s at night, thick humidity... and not even the ability to have a fan. Like your house, ours was just stuck in HOT mode... there was no cooling it down. We were living in our two-story all-brick house in the city, with a flat, black roof... it was seriously distressing. We couldn't stay in the house, but everyone we knew had no power for several days, too, and the hotels within an hour drive in every direction were all booked. We slept on the bare floor of a local community center one night, because I was starting to just freak out. It felt like a war zone after attack. So, when you say that your house is just HOT and outside is just HOT and there is no escape, that's what it makes me think of, and I know what you mean. I'm so glad you'll have a respite soon.

  4. Oh, rain. Doesn't that sound good?!?

  5. We had the big heat here last week. On Sunday a big front came in and made things much better. Just 80 degrees without humidity today.

  6. jean, sounds like a good idea. Mmmm, meatballs!

    evelyn, we're still waiting...

    judy, oh, that sounds horrible. Glad you survived!

    mitch, yes. It's out there, but not here yet.

    harriett, low humidity makes a big difference.


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