Saturday, July 06, 2019

The heat is back

It's not as bad as last week's heat wave, but the air is hot and still again. Friday's high temperature was in the low 30sC, the mid-80sF. The same is expected today. The vegetable garden is having a good time. The zucchini are starting to flower now.

The tall grasses and wildflowers are competing with the grape vines in some places.

Today is the official start of school summer vacation. Tourist season is under way. The châteaux and zoo are big draws in our region. It doesn't mean much to us except that there is more traffic on the roads. We'll probably see our Parisian neighbors a little more over the next two months.


  1. Too bad about the heat. I can’t believe the changes in the vegetable garden. Ah, tourist season. It’s hit here, to, by we realize how quickly it passes.

  2. mitch, today should be a little cooler. Phew!


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