Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Don't let the stars get in your eyes

These little flowers look like stars. I'm not certain what they are called, but they grow close to the ground around the edges of the vineyard parcels. When they're fully open they look like tiny petunias or morning glories.

These could be "liseron des champs," but I'm not sure.

The plumber finished his work on Tuesday morning, and the builder is getting very close with just a few minor finishing touches to complete. We're starting to put things back together and reorganize.

Now we have two half-baths in the house. Let's see... do two half-baths add up to one whole bath? Ha! The expression "half-bath" doesn't exist in French. The room with a toilet and a sink is called a WC (Water Closet). The salle de bains (bath room) is where the bathtub and/or shower are. That way, someone bathing doesn't block access to the toilet. Très pratique. Our salle de bains has a tub and a shower stall, along with a large sink. Oh, and a bidet. While there is traditionally no toilet in a salle de bains, that is starting to change. There are toilets in the "bath" rooms of some of the rental houses we've stayed in recently.


  1. Field Bindweed [Convolvulus arvensis] are the flowers... sometimes with a pink tinge... lovely in the right place... a right bar-steward of a plant in the veg patch.....
    and yes, you are right, they do look like miniature Morning Glories.... they and this are both members of the Convolvulaceae!

  2. Love those flowers and now so happy to know what they’re called... as if I’ll remember. Did you call the half bath the powder room in the States?

    1. Mitchell, I've definitely heard "powder room" a zillion times. The term "half bath" seems like a realtor description (but, I see zillions of those, too). Do the houses and apartments in Spain tend to have the toilet room separated from the washroom, Mitchell?

    2. Judy: Actually, I've rarely seen separate rooms for the toilets here.

  3. tim, thanks for the info! It is as I suspected.

    mitch, I know the term, of course, but it's not one I normally use.

    judy, interesting...

  4. old perry como song title there. pretty flowers. can't wait to see the new WC!


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