Friday, July 05, 2019

Little grapes

The grape flowers are disappearing and grapes are forming on the vines out back. The cycle continues. As summer goes on, the grapes will get bigger until the onset of fall, then they will change color before the harvest gets under way. But let's not rush things.

A bunch of baby wine grapes.

We are expecting a friend from San Francisco to arrive today. However, when I checked his flight status this morning, I found out that his plane had a mechanical issue and was diverted to Newark, NJ, where it still sits as I write this. At this point, our friend will certainly miss his train connections, so we'll have to stand by to see when he actually lands in Paris and what he decides to do. I'm writing this and posting it early to let him know we're watching, in case he accesses the blog en route. Traveling can sure be a pain in the derrière.


  1. Traveling sure can. I was spoiled growing up in NYC and only traveling to other large cities. One plane. No connections. Since leaving NYC... 78 years ago... it hasn’t been the same. The grape vine process is so quick from greening to “graping.”

  2. I remember weather used to play a lot of prominence in growing grapes as to their size and sugar and quality. I suppose this still applies despite all the techno-advances of the wine industry.

  3. mitch, I know what you mean. When I go to Albany, I fly to NYC or Boston, and last year, Montreal, then drive. I just don't want to change planes. I've been lucky to travel in good weather. If I had to go back in winter, I'd probably do a connection to ALB rather than drive.

    michael, it does, here, mainly because irrigating grapes is prohibited in France. Each year's vintage is at the mercy of water and temperature.


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