Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Badgers and ballots

Yesterday, I saw something that I've never seen before. Right in the middle of the day, a badger sauntered along the road right across from the house. It's the first time I've seen a real live badger, called un blaireau [blay-ROH] in French. Neighbors have always talked about them being around. I have seen evidence of them in our yard when they dug up underground wasp nests a couple of times. But, as they are mostly nocturnal, actually seeing one has eluded me. Until now. Ken grabbed his camera and took a few photos, one of which you can see here.

Some fall foliage in the vineyard.

Yesterday was also the day that my US election ballot arrived. I'll be filling it out and sending it in this week, just to be sure it gets there in time.


  1. Vote well, tell them Ruth sent you.

  2. I'm sure Donnie the Clown will send you a personal thank you note ;)

  3. Glad you are voting. It is sad and Ruthless over here.

  4. What Travel 23 said. I'm going to regard that badger as a good omen.

  5. Waiting for my ballot to arrive. When it's completed, I will walk it in to the county office, hand it over the counter to the nice ladies who work there.

  6. Oh but I love badgers! I wonder how the European species compare to the North American types. The ones here are rather truculent and have awful breath hence the name Badger Breath.

  7. travel, hehe... her death was covered here in France.

    chm, oh gee, I hope so. LOL

    evelyn, I can only imagine.

    chris, :)

    emm, good!

    michael, I wouldn't want to get too close to one.

  8. A badger. Wow! I’ve only ever seen one. In South Dakota. We kept our distance. I understand they can be vicious if they feel threatened or provoked. If only all of us expats had known what was coming we could have designated our voting states trump supporting states before we left. That damned electoral college!


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