Saturday, September 05, 2020

Tarte aux pommes

I haven't made an apple tart in a long time, so here's the first one of the season. I've mentioned that we have a bumper crop of apples this year. There should be many more tarts like this as we move into fall.

Tarte aux pommes, ready to serve!

Under the apple slices is a layer of applesauce (made with sugar and a touch of cinnamon) to give the tart some body. I glazed the finished tart with plum jam that I pressed through a strainer before painting it on. This tart got cut into six pieces, dessert for the two of us for three days. And it was delicious! 


  1. You are a master artist. That is truly stu nning.

  2. Makes the perfect breakfast food.

  3. If only, in the States, they could understand what a touch of cinnamon really means! Your beautiful tart is the real thing!

  4. mitch, :)

    travel, it certainly does!

    chm, they do tend to go a little heavy with the cinnamon, but a little is good.

    judy, thanks!

  5. This tart is beautiful! Looks like a tart you'd see in a Parisian patisserie.

  6. Well styled, Walt! I wouldn't think of plum jam but then, I haven't had any jars in my home, ever, that I can think of. Yesterday, I bought 3 jars of Bonne Maman - on sale - $2.98 each, 1 raspberry, 1 apricot and l jar of lemon curd!

  7. I recently found a chart of a spectrum of 'tartness to sweet' only to learn all the ones for sale are on the sugar side.
    I hope yours are scrumptious.


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