Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Courge musquée

This is the other variety of pumpkin that I planted this year. The proprietary name on the seed packet says "Muscade" which is the word for "nutmeg" in French. It's difficult (for me) to sort through all the meanings and origins of plant names across languages. The closest I can come is that une courge musquée has something to do with musk squash, or musk melons. Something musky. Butternut squash* is part of this family of pumpkins.

The remainder of the red pumpkin has been preserved. Now I have to roast the two musk pumpkins.

These will hang out for a short time, but I have to get them processed before they begin to rot. On Tuesday, we ate some of the rouge vif squash in a couscous along with another zucchini. I roasted the rest in the oven and froze it. There's going to be a lot of pumpkin in the freezer this year.

* Butternut squash contains neither butter nor nuts. Discuss.


  1. Why do you roast your pumpkins immediately you've picked them, Walt?
    Those will store like that until March.... so roast them when you first need to cut them... saves on freezer space....
    And "Butternut squash is made from neither butter nor nuts"
    Wrong! Butternut squash is made from both butter and nuts.... slice one crosswise in February, when they've had time to mature and drizzle the slices with sesame oil, then roast for 45mins at 160 Centipede.... that is when the true parents of the butternut reveal themselves as butter'd nuts!! Chestnuts to be more precise.....

  2. Buttery colour? Nutty flavour? I haven't noticed a nutty flavour.

  3. Those are beauties. I'm impressed with how well the bird feeder 'wheat' has held up. Definitely adds to the autumnal still life.

  4. These are works of art. I can understand why ceramic pumpkins are so popular.

  5. I recall an ice cream flavor called butternut (in the misty past); it contained walnuts. Maybe someone thinks the roasted squash tastes like walnuts?

  6. Then there's butter pecan, but I digress.

  7. * Butternut squash contains neither butter nor nuts. Discuss.
    *raises hand*
    May I have another bluebook?

  8. tim, I've not had good luck storing winter squash, so I freeze it.

    andrew, some squash in this family have a chestnutty flavor.

    bettyann, :)

    sheila, it hasn't got wet, which is probably why it's still there.

    mitch, they just don't taste as good...

    chris, butter pecan is among my faves!

    emm, a lot to say, eh?


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