Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Tasha Tuesday

Autumnal equinox edition. Here's Tasha pausing to look for deer on the road ahead. Although the deer are not usually on the road itself, I often see them in the spaces between vine rows, especially near that row of tall trees on the right in the photo. I guess proximity to the woods gives them a quick path to escape danger. Not that Tasha is much of a danger, but the deer are skittish.

Most of the grapes are gone and the vine leaves are beginning to turn color.

Fall arrives here this afternoon at 15h30, from what I read. This will be "astronomical" fall. Apparently there is something called "meteorological" fall that started on September 1 at 0h00. In my experience, this "meteorological" fall is something relatively new. I had never heard of such a thing in my younger days. There was only one fall and it started on the equinox, ending, of course, on the winter solstice.

I have officially entered my "old fogey" years. They began last year on the winter solstice, not surprisingly. Ugh, these kids today, with their newfangled ideas. Get off my lawn!


  1. Oh no! I guess I've entered my old fogey years, as well. I was on the terrace yesterday and heard a kid having a temper tantrum on the street below. I very unsympathetically muttered "Oh shut up you little brat."

  2. Thanks for the laughs today! I'm right there with you.

  3. And I’m with you too. The house next to us, owned by a 90 year old lady, just sold and my husband and I said to each other, “I hope the new owners don’t have kids!”

  4. mitch, a phrase that could also come in handy while watching the news...

    judy, ha!

    sillygirl, :)

    bettyann, we think the same thing...

  5. It is the French word for curmudgeon ?


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