Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Fall skies

Another post about the weather? Well, only to show a photo. It's been rainy, sunny, cloudy, chilly, and almost warm, all in the past week. The skies change all the time. We had a couple of mornings when the clouds were so thick it was hard to tell that the sun had come up. We had a couple of afternoons of bright sun that felt very seasonal. So, it's a mixed bag. We wouldn't want to get bored, would we?

Partly cloudy skies at sunrise.

I dreamed last night that it snowed. It's a little too early for that to happen here. I think it's quite likely that we won't see snow at all this winter. Except, maybe, in our dreams.


  1. We've turned suddenly very fall like -- it was 59°F last night!

  2. It's 64 degrees in Florida this morning. Downright chilly!

  3. Snow in dreams is usually linked to the symbol of going insane. Please don't go off the deep end.

  4. judy, 'tis the season!

    bettyann, we got UP to about 64 yesterday afternoon. ;)

    chris, thanks!

    elgee, thanks!

    michael, oh, great! lol

  5. Although we continue to have warm or warmish weather, sunrises are showing that it's fall. Breathtaking, like your photo.


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