Thursday, October 01, 2020

Left behind

This is part of that abandoned vineyard parcel out toward the end of the dirt road through the vineyards out back. There are a lot of grapes out there this year, but because the vines aren't pruned and otherwise tended, the grapes themselves are tiny. The parcel has been abandoned since before we moved here over seventeen years ago. Shrubs and trees have grown up among the old vines.

These grapes end up being food for the wildlife.

I woke up to rain this morning. It's a pretty steady, but moderate, system. No wind. I was planning to drive over to a neighboring town which has its market on Thursday mornings, but that will depend on how long the rain lasts. I want to get some coques (cockles) to make linguini with clam sauce, but I can wait another week if the weather doesn't cooperate today. Going to an outdoor market in the rain is not much fun.


  1. You should be good to go!
    This is the "live" view.... always 15mins behind, but bloody useful....
    I have it running from first thing.... as this Sat24 view....
    There be sun'oles in them clouds for most of this morning!

  2. Could these now "wild grapes" be used for grape jelly?

  3. The grapes are such a beautiful color, I'm glad they have been left for the birds. Do you know if deer eat grapes?

  4. If only you could send some of that rain to California. Our forests are going to be non-existent if these fires continue.

  5. Oh, you have my mouth watering for linguini with clam sauce! In the small version of your photo in my reading list, I thought it was a watercolour.

  6. tim, and indeed, I went. No rain to speak of.

    chm, probably.

    bettyann, I think so, but am not sure. I also think they eat the flowers in the spring as well.

    diane, I wish I could. It looks scary out there.

    mitch, does anyone serve it in the restaurants around you? Does Jerry make it?


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