Saturday, October 17, 2020


Here are more of the grapes in that abandoned vineyard parcel out back. They're pretty much the only grapes left out there since the harvest. Because the vines are overgrown and untended, the bunches aren't as full as they should be, and the grapes themselves are small. Still, they make for pretty photos.

Food for the wildlife. They sure are pretty, but not very useful.

I picked what I think will be the last of the tomatoes for this year. Just a small number, but we'll use them for something. Now it's time to think about pulling the plants out. I use little plastic fasteners to tie the vines to their stakes. Each one has to come off to be saved for next year. I've been reusing these fasteners for several years. They go on easy, but taking them off is not as easy. Once that's done, I'll pull up the stakes and uproot the plants. They won't go into the compost pile; I don't want any rot, fungus, or other tomato maladies to contaminate the compost.

I noticed yesterday that there are three muscade pumpkins on the vine out there. I have no idea what I'll do with them. The freezer is already full of roasted pumpkin, and I have another rather large pumpkin in the cellar (pumpkin soup?). All from only two plants, not to mention the two rather large pumpkins I gave away. I don't think there will be pumpkins in next year's garden.


  1. I've never used tomatoes for "something" myself (nor for anything either).

  2. That is a beautiful photo! I’m sure the “something “ will be delicious.

  3. People around here have pumpkins (and lots of funny shaped squashes) at their doorsteps for decorations. I have just one every year, but I've seen as many as a dozen used with mums, hay, etc simply for decoration. Soon after Thanksgiving the pumpkins will disappear replaced by the lights of Christmas.

  4. Do the wine merchants every make Eiswein or the French equivalent?

  5. mitch, try it, you'll like it!

    bettyann, most likely they'll get made into sauce. That's something. Then they'll get used for something else. ;)

    evelyn, they may just get composted. It's hard to imagine eating that much pumpkin!

    michael, from what I read, France makes very little "vin de glace." What is made comes from Alsace, very close to the German border. I've not tasted any. The rest of the country's vineyards are in places that are too warm, apparently.


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