Friday, October 30, 2020

Heading south

I'm not sure what kind of birds these are. Possibly ducks? They flew over silently, except for the muffled sound of beating wings. They were heading in a southwesterly direction across the vineyards.

Not a perfect "V" formation, but close enough.

I got my haircut yesterday. The stylist was a little subdued and seemed worried about what will happen to her business under our new confinement rule. She was required to close her shop at midnight last night and can't re-open for at least four weeks. She told me that she had appointments up until eleven. It was going to be a long day for her.

I went to the grocery store afterward. The parking lot was full, but I grabbed a cart and went in anyway. The lines at the checkout stands extended back into the grocery aisles. I continued. I picked up the few things we wanted and went through the self-checkout. I was third in line and it went pretty quickly. The confinement rule went into effect at midnight, but food shopping is still allowed, so I don't think there was much panic buying going on. This weekend is a big holiday weekend (All Saints Day) and I suspect people were just shopping for that. And the traffic headed to the zoo was backed up for several kilometers.


  1. They are Common Cranes [Grus grus] and every Spring and Autumn they, like the Sandhill Cranes in the US, migrate to the North to breed, then return to the South for the winter. Very odd for them to be silent, though.... thats why they are known as Grues.... the constant grue, gruegrue, gruegruegrue, grue, grue as the bugle call to each other.... perhaps you caught them at a quiet spot. Nice to know that they are on their was.... must keep a lookout and an ear open.

  2. Glad Le Pre identified the birds, ducks have shorter necks, the wings of geese bend differently, it has stopped raining here I will be off for my walk in the swamp to see what birds are around soon.

  3. Glad to know that the blog will remain open. ;)

  4. Too bad we can't all go far enough south to escape this madness.

  5. I hope your lockdown serves its purpose. We're just winging it here in the USA- those cranes are nice to see flying ! Glad you're still blogging through it all.

    1. How punny, Evelyn! "winging it" Love it! (The pun, NOT our situation)

      Mary in Oregon

  6. I bought more groceries than usual yestereday. I, too, think we are getting closer to a lockdown of sorts, as well. Maybe I will get my haircut, too.

    Mary in Oregon

  7. tim, thanks! They were silent, not a peep!

    travel, I remember geese flying south over upstate NY when I was a kid. Honk! Honk! They made a lot of noise.

    judy, hehe.

    mitch, remember what they say: no matter where you go, there you are.

    evelyn, LOL!

    mary, we'll see.


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