Friday, October 23, 2020

A nice day

The weather was pleasant on Thursday. Lots of sun and very mild temperatures. I cooked a steak on the grill outside for lunch.

An oak leaf on the dirt road.

As evening came, so did the clouds. And rain. At one point, Ken asked me if that was lightning that he saw out the window. Before I could answer (I didn't see any), a huge thunder clap shook the house. It was close. Then the rain came. There was a little more thunder, rumbling in the distance, but not much. It rained heavily for a while, then things calmed down, but it rained off and on through the night, as far as I could tell.

Now things are predicted to get more seasonal, meaning lower temperatures.


  1. Same weather here. 80s Thursday, and then it's going downhill from there... 60s in the morning, 50s, 40s.... so, we'll be in the 40s as we finish the day, with rain. That should be cold and raw. Least favorite.

  2. Our weather is cooling down too. Soon it will be nice enough to sit on the lanai for happy hour. ;)

    1. You would have to "rub it in", BettyAnn!

      Mary in Oregon

  3. Ooh, I love the textures and colours of the photo. A beautiful morning here, but my head has suddenly clogged up. I looked outside and see it's clouding over. Chance of rain just went from 7 percent to 40 percent.

  4. The white "spotty" background resembles snow! Last of the fall weather and here comes winter - ready or not.

    Mary in Oregon

  5. judy, that's the way it goes this time of year!

    bettyann, you might try sitting on a chair...

    mitch, we got two inches of rain day before yesterday.

    mary, wait! We still have two months of fall to go!

  6. oaks are my favorite.
    I used to plant acorns like Johnny appleseed


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