Monday, October 05, 2020

Dark skies

We're in a dark and damp pattern now, although the sun did peek out a little yesterday afternoon. This morning I heard the familiar pitter-patter of raindrops on the loft windows. And it's still quite breezy. My walks with Tasha have been cut short by rain showers over the past few days.

Threatening skies and puddles in the road.

All this means that not much is getting done outdoors. I'm sure, though, that we'll have plenty of opportunities to work outside in the weeks to come. Meanwhile, there's plenty to do indoors. Not that I'm doing an awful lot. Ha.


  1. I woke this morning from a dream that it was pouring outside my window. I immediately looked and was disappointed to see the sun!

  2. It's that time of year, isn't it? It's finally starting to cool down here and I'm looking forward to working outside. Did Tasha have any reaction to the pheasants yesterday?

  3. Summer went by soooo fast, I cannot believe it. We've had hazy days, thank goodness I didn't smell any smoke but I understand there was poor air quality (I was inside all day). Too bad the rain had shortened your walks with Tasha. She must have been disappointed. We have had mid 70's temperatures in late pms. Cool 40+ degree F. mornings. Brrr.

    What's been changed for Bert?

    Mary in Oregon

  4. mitch, oh well, maybe next time. ;)

    bettyann, not much of a reaction. I think she only caught a glance before they disappeared.

    mary, we have an ongoing battle with another neighborhood cat who likes to come into the utility room and gobble up Bert's kibble. So now, during the day, we hide the kibble so the other cat can't find it. Of course, neither can Bert, so he's not happy.

  5. I suppose one of the reasons I like dark and inclement weather is it allows me to stay indoors and not go out and do things.


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