Sunday, October 25, 2020

A fungus among us

Over the past few days, I've noticed some mushrooms growing in and on the stump of the big apple tree that fell last fall. As you can see, the trunk was mostly hollow and could no longer support the tree's weight. Down it came. Our recent rains have given all manner of fungus what they need to pop up all around, in our lawn, in the woods and, well, everywhere.

Mushrooms help to decompose the old apple tree stump.

These mushrooms were prettier when they were a little smaller, but they're still impressive. Naturally, we won't be eating them. I don't know what they are. I looked through our mushroom identification book without making a solid match. Even if I had identified them, and even if they are supposed to be edible, I still would not eat them. There's too much room for error.


  1. Such a beautiful arrangement. I've never picked and eaten mushrooms. Too ignorant.

  2. If you squint a little they almost look like buns baking in an outdoor oven. Beautiful!

  3. mitch, I wouldn't trust myself.

    bettyann, I see it!

    michael, there are some fairies around...

  4. Too much room for error :-) nice

  5. The surprise mushrooms (and slime mold--really) are what i like about rain.

  6. jb, ha! I hadn't even noticed that I did that.

    chris, hmmmm...


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