Saturday, October 10, 2020

Funky feline fotos

It's been a while. Bert is well, although we did have an episode of him throwing up something in the house and a few episodes of poop indoors (he won't use his litter box). He is fourteen years old after all, so I expect some "senior" moments from time to time.

I caught Bert stalking some critter in the grass out by the pond on Thursday morning.

Since Callie died, Bert has been able to spend more time indoors. He gets along well with Tasha, so there is no longer a dog/cat conflict. Last year we noticed that, because we normally leave Bert's access to the outdoors open 24 hours a day, neighborhood cats were coming into the house and eating his kibble. There were even a few late night rumbles in the garage when Bert caught another cat in his territory.

Since then, I've been closing his window at night, locking him indoors until morning. That solves the neighborhood cat problem, but Bert was used to going in and out when he pleased, or when he needed to. So that might explain the poop episodes. I'm trying to get him used to going out and coming back in before I close the window, with mixed results. Sometimes it works, other times he goes out and stays out until the wee hours, and still other times he doesn't go out at all.

Over all, however, things are fine. He eats more or less normally and hunts successfully. His last vet visit this past summer was positive; the vet said he was in fine form.


  1. He's doing his sentry duty, bless him - keeping undesirables away from his and your worlds.

  2. We solved the visiting cat problem by getting a cat flap that is operated by Daisy's microchip. I was sceptical but it works brilliantly. No more neighbour's cats in the house.

  3. So nice to see home and it warms my heart that Tasha is nice to him. Our friends had to lock their cat flap when neighborhood skunks started visiting for kibble snacks.

  4. Controlling cats. Good luck with that. Interesting that he gets along with Tasha but never did with Callie.

  5. He is a cutie, goo to hear he is enjoying his years

  6. we had to lock our cat door at night to keep raccoons out.

  7. Bert's expression shows he's just tolerating his photo. He's a great fellow living the good life.

  8. So good to see Bert again! I think he’s 10+ years old now, right?

  9. Wow, Jean, that's a great thing, a cat door operated by the cat's chip!
    So nice to see Bert :)

  10. raybeard, he's good at it, too.

    jean, that's cool. Bert doesn't have a chip, though.

    mitch, we had skunks in SF. Our dog Collette got into a major tumble with them one night in our back yard.

    andrew, it was Callie who wouldn't tolerate the cat when he came to live with us. He was already here when Tasha arrived and, besides, he was bigger than Tasha when she was a pup.

    travel, I hope he is.

    melinda, wow! Those raccoons love to get into mischief.

    evelyn, :)

    bettyann, he's 14!

    judy, :)

    1. Getting a microchip is easy, a two minute job at the vet's.

  11. Oh I love Bert! I am quite fond of black cats !


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