Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Vegetable garden update

Although we haven't been doing much in the vegetable garden lately (due to rain), stuff is still happening. We're actually getting tomatoes. Not a lot, but enough to eat and still preserve some. I'm convinced that the calcium treatment I applied back at the end of August saved what was left of the crop. I only wish I had done it earlier. But now I know what to do next year.

The tarp covers a pile of yard waste to keep it dry. I don't want it to rot before I can dispose of it.

The muscade pumpkin plant has three more pumpkins on it. I don't have the heart to rip it out, but we have enough pumpkin flesh in the freezer to feed us for a long time. And the red chard is doing well. Soon enough it will be time to rip out the tomato plants and the pumpkin, too, and prepare the ground for winter. I still have that big pile of mulch sitting where it was dumped. I'll move as much of that as I can onto the garden plot.


  1. It would be so hard to give up those pumpkins. Glad you've gotten at least some tomatoes this year.

  2. Glad to know that you've got a treatment, now, for the tomato problem.

  3. Glad you are still getting tomatoes. That mulch pile will keep you busy until it's gone. Maybe it's a symbol of what was dumped on the world in 2020.

  4. Do you have friends and neighbors for giveaway?
    It was a funny lesson but one of my gardener teachers said you will have too much so plan ahead with donations and friends and neighbors

  5. mitch, I know, but they may just go into the compost.

    judy, we'll see how it goes next year.

    evelyn, maybe.

    michael, yes, but I've already given away what I can. A couple of our neighbors once told us they don't like squash (pumpkin) because it reminds them of what they had to eat during the war.


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