Sunday, October 04, 2020

Windy and wet

The wind kicked up late yesterday afternoon and into the night. It's not too bad, but I could definitely hear it gusting out there. There was also rain off and on during the dark hours. Today is a hunting day, so I need to get out with Tasha before 09h00. Last Sunday was the first hunt day of the season, but no hunters showed up out back. I'll see what happens today. The weather usually doesn't deter them unless it's very bad.

Fall is creeping through the vineyards.

Yesterday afternoon Tasha and I were walking entre les gouttes as they say (between the raindrops) and we saw a pair of pheasants (probably a mating pair) scoot along our path and into the cover of the grape vines. Pheasants generally like to run on the ground unless it's necessary to fly to escape a threat. And that often leads to their demise.


  1. As you know, I wouldn't want to be around for your hunting season. But I suppose it's not as bad as hearing gunfire in the city of San Diego years ago.

  2. Are pheasants the European road runners?

  3. I would like to see a pheasant sometime. The light is nice on those vines.

  4. The yellows you've captured in the image of the week is very intriguing, Walt! I'm guessing you made the branches on the blue scale to add to the contrast? Very nice, indeed. I could have that on my wall and enjoy it again and again!
    I have a photo of my parents with my Dad holding two pheasants he shot from a time before I was born! Probably early 40's. Unfortunately, it is in black and white. I would have loved to have seen the colors in the pheasants!

    Mary in Oregon

    1. mary, I realized you are referring to the image of the week. That's just the way the photo came out, I didn't add the blue/purple hue. I also didn't fix it, which I might have.

  5. Wet and windy sounds wonderful - send some !

  6. mitch, at least the hunters aren't pointing their guns at humans... on purpose.

    chm, lol! Perhaps!

    evelyn, do pheasants live where you do? Most of ours are farm-raised and released for the hunting season.

    mary, the males are quite showy, the females less so to stay camouflaged.

    michael, if only I could!


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