Monday, October 26, 2020

Let's stick with Friday

Sunday was, as predicted, a washout with rain most of the day. So here's another photo from Friday afternoon's sun-drenched walk. The golden grape leaves are stunning right now. But they're starting to turn brown and drop to the ground. I think we've passed the "peak."

The view of the vineyards just outside our back gate.

I'm hoping for some more nice days over the next few weeks so I can continue cleaning up the garden and yard for winter. Keep your fingers crossed!


  1. If Tasha was in the middle looking at the sky, she’d disappear. Golden!

  2. say what happens to the leaves? are they allowed to drop or are the raked up/away to compost somewhere?

  3. Beautiful golden colors! And those clouds add to the view, too! Wow, that gold goes a long way back there, I hadn't noticed that when I first was focusing on the foreground gold!

    Mary in Oregon


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