Tuesday, October 06, 2020


These roses belong to one of our neighbors. They looked like this a few days ago before the rain moved in and knocked off many of the flower petals. In our climate, and if conditions are right, some roses will bloom into December.

Pink roses on a neighbor's fence.

In less than three weeks we will move our clocks back to standard time. It could be the last time. Europe is expected to eliminate the annual time change in 2021, and France has chosen to keep Summer Time permanent when that happens. I'm all for that. We will still have to turn the clocks forward again next spring, but maybe never more.


  1. Same here, I hate the darker evenings that come with putting the clocks back. In our part of the UK it means it's almost pitch dark by 4pm come mid November. That extra hour of daylight makes all the difference.
    Let's hope it's not the only thing that will make 2021 a better year.

  2. Let's hope everything will be coming up roses in 2021.

  3. I greatly dislike the time shift, I am in favor of ending it.

  4. I don't even know which time is real time, and which of the changes gives us fake time LOL.

  5. I hope the USA will do the same someday.

  6. This rose bush looks like Madame Alfred Carrière. I wonder if your neighbor knows what it is?

  7. Given that Daylight Savings Time was instituted in the US to help farmers during World War Two (supposedly), it's well past time to get rid of all that silly switching. It costs businesses a lot, too, in terms of scheduling and so on.

  8. jean, you can say that again.

    mitch, let's hope.

    travel, it never really bothered me until recently.

    judy, oh no! Fake time!

    evelyn, I thought with all the people hating changing the clocks, it would happen.

    chm, I've never met Mme. Carrière. Is she as prickly as they say? ;)

    emm, I think the thing that Americans hate more than changing the clocks is changing the law that makes them change the clocks. It's all a liberal plot, you know. LOL


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