Saturday, October 31, 2020

A mild weekend

We're having a relatively warm and dry weekend. I took advantage of it on Friday morning to rip the tomato plants out of the ground and put away their stakes. Ken picked the last few tomatoes for guacamole, part of Friday's lunch. I saved some stray green ones to see if they'll ripen on the deck. I still want to cut the grass, but that will depend on how much dew we get. This morning looks a little foggy out there.

This photo is almost a week old. The leaves are falling to the ground now.

So here we are at the end of October. Halloween. And how cool is it that there's a full moon on Halloween? Next week is going to be stressful all around for us Americans. I'm thankful that I'm not there for all the campaigning, advertising, and news coverage. Because of the time difference, we won't be hearing any election results until early Wednesday morning.


  1. Beautiful colors and contrasts. We're glad, too, we're not in the States for this. I'm running out of hope no matter the outcome.

  2. I'm here in the States and unfortunately I'm not sure there is much hope for our country regardless of who wins.

  3. Living in the US is very stressful now. Reading your blog and Ken’s helps me stay sane, thank you.

  4. You might start hearing election results Wednesday morning, but not the election's outcome, probably. They are expecting it to drag on. And, there have been frightening reports of how an obstinate president could, if he wanted, theoretically, refuse to give a concession speech, challenge the results, and cause a delay that would go well into 2021, and cause said president -- whoever it might be, theoretically -- to be sworn in again in January.

    Thank heavens for the mute button on the TV-- political ads for every possible issue and level of government, non stop, every few minutes.

  5. Any Halloween around your parts? I hear rumors people are catching on to it while others see it as a vile intrusive Americana

  6. The fog has settled in here, this morning, too. Maybe 300ft visibility at the present (10:45 am).
    Election results will be coming in for about 10 days - the last I read. NYT had an opinion piece that identified a leak from inside the West Wing that there are thoughts of how to overturn the election should the Evil One not be reelected.
    Three different thoughts. All very evil, one including Force. Another article I read yesterday was about the risk of flight should the Donald with his psychological attributes decide he can't take the humiliation not to mention the jail time how he might accomplish the departure. Interesting. I hope the powers that be read it and they are forewarned. One was by yacht (I'm thinking Mar-a-lago at Christmas in the dead of night!) - I do read a lot of mysteries (hee-hee). I'm not counting on much Tuesday night.

    My daughter revealed yesterday she was doing an extra Halloween Zoom class this afternoon 5-6pm and we could wear costumes if we chose. First up I was racking my brain about something current that I could put together cheaply with items on hand! I came up with using the blue sheet I had saved that was so fragile (400 thread count) that the first or second use caused a rip in it (because of my toenails? or perhaps when I used to let my cat crawl under the sheets and he clawed it?) but being a sewer, I kept it! NOW = perfect for making a wrap-a-round dress and perhaps cutting a strip to wrap, turban-style to cover my head! I will be the BLUE WAVE!!! If my classmates don't figure it out right=a=way, I can always show them a button (I will draw it myself on paper) that shows I VOTED) Surely everyone knows what the Blue Wave is - if not look it up!

    Happy Halloween!

    Mary in Oregon

  7. mitch, now it's just the suspense!

    lori, "there is always hope." --Aragorn, son of Arathorn. ;)

    bettyann, glad it helps!

    judy, scary stuff...

    michael, very little, especially with covid. We've never seen trick-or-treaters in the 17 years we've been here.

    mary, great idea for a costume!


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