Thursday, October 08, 2020

Here comes the brown

In another month or so, the vineyards and the woods around us will lose a lot of their color. The conifers will stay green, of course, and so will the grasses. Deciduous trees will drop their leaves. The grape vines will go brown above a carpet of green. And then the pruning will begin.

Most of summer's wildflowers have long gone to seed and turned brown.

Last Sunday there were, indeed, a couple of hunters out back. They were far enough away that I didn't see who they were. I'm wondering if one of the regulars of years past has hung up his shotgun. I haven't seen his truck parked out by the vineyard cabin where he usually starts out on Sunday mornings. He used to do garden work for a couple of our neighbors, but stopped that work several years back. No one's getting any younger.


  1. I suppose not getting any younger is better than not getting any older. The colors in the photo are still so rich.

  2. I drove past my lot the other day and contrary to other times, the entire lot was vivid green (we had had some rain on the weekend !). We are expecting more rain this coming weekend so I will attempt to string-trim sometime next week. Maybe you will also have a bit of rain and the vineyard will green up before the pruning. The out-of-focus background reminds me of the impressionist paintings! I like it!

    Mary in Oregon

  3. I associate the months with certain colors.
    November is the brown month - all is brown but the sky which is gray.

  4. mitch, true.

    chm, :)

    mary, the grass in the vineyards is already bright green. It will probably stay that way until summer's heat browns it. Of course, if we have a rainy summer, all bets are off!

    michael, we have a lot of gray in the fall and winter sky, too.


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