Monday, October 12, 2020


Grape growers around us continue to move away from herbicides to control weeds in the vineyards. One method I see is mowing between rows. Another method, seen here in the foreground and on the left in the background, is to plow the soil between the vines. At least one grower out there mowed this past summer, then plowed just after the harvest. I'm all for abandoning herbicides for more ecological weed control, but I'll admit that plowing makes walking between the rows a little more difficult. No matter, there are plenty of other paths for us.

The ground in the parcel in front has been plowed, as has the parcel in back on the left.

The landscaping crew is scheduled to come today for our annual hedge trimming. I also got an estimate from the guy who owns the company for renovating our garden path, removing (another) dead tree, pulling out a row of dead hazelnut trees, and eliminating a wildly overgrown and unruly juniper. Many trees around us have been dying lately. The landscaper says that the hot, dry summers of recent years have taken their toll, stressing trees, especially those up here on the heights which are farther from the sinking water table. I have a few questions for him, and some adjustments I'd like him to make to the estimate, but am otherwise inclined to give him the OK. He'll probably schedule the work for some time in the winter or early spring.


  1. Although the plowing makes walking between rows difficult, it DOES make for beautiful patterns for a photo.

  2. trees dying out around here too and sooo $$$$ to get them even just dropped & not taken away.

  3. I’m in favor of anything that uses fewer chemicals. I’m glad the vineyard owners are being responsible.

  4. Hope you find a dentist soon.

  5. I still enjoy hearing the cycle of the seasons as measured in the vineyard activities.

  6. I'm with you, Ur-spo! And we don't have to do anything and still feel like we are keeping up with the vineyard as an absentee owner naturally would do!!!

    Mary in Oregon

  7. mitch, agreed.

    melinda, the landscaper who does our hedges drops trees and takes them away. He even cuts branches and trunks to a size I can burn in the wood stove.

    bettyann, it might be the law. I know that the most popular herbicide was banned two years ago.

    michael, the changing seasons are comforting, in a way.

    mary, I feel the same way. It's great to watch and enjoy drinking, but not have to do all the work!


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