Sunday, October 11, 2020

Dipladenia vs. diplodocus

I jokingly refer to our dipladenia (mandevilla) plants as "diplodocus" because at first I could not remember their name. So, just for the record, here are images of both so as not to confuse you. First off, you can find dipladenia in our back yard (even though it's native to the Americas).

Dipladenia in the real fake well.

You probably won't see diplodocus in our back yard. They lived in North America at the end of the Jurassic period, between 200 and 145 million years ago.

Diplodocus, an illustration.

I saw the moon rise last night, a thick crescent pointing up, its color a haunting orange. I also did battle with a mosquito after it bit me. I won.


  1. Thanks for the explanation, now I know the difference! :)

  2. And this got me thinking about Dipsy Doodles, the corn chips with snap. (And I can't get the commercial jingle out of my head.)

  3. bettyann, glad to be of service!

    mitch, that name rings a bell. I'll have to google it.

    judy, no bones about it! ;)

    michael, hehe :) Don't forget the diplodoosies!

  4. Well, I won't mistype that online order !

    Mary in Oregon


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