Saturday, October 03, 2020

An autumn leaf

More and more leaves are turning color and falling to the ground. It's pretty but, when I see them on the ground, I think about having to rake them up. I don't rake the leaves that fall on the grass. They get mulched by the mower. But I do rake up leaves that fall on the gravel driveway and garden path. I put them either in the compost or directly on the vegetable garden plot over the winter.

A yellow leaf among the green.

We're still expecting a wet weekend. Tasha and I walked in a light rain on Friday morning. I think gentle rain with no wind is pleasant and I don't mind being out in it. Except that Tasha's coat gets wet, so she needs a good rub down with towels when we get home. Good thing she likes it.


  1. Still waiting for my walk in the rain. And I do NOT miss raking, bagging, mulching, or hauling leaves!

  2. It's much the same here, Walt. We've just finished lifting tatties in the home fields near the farm, before the rain really sets in. I should think Bert has chosen the warmest place to spend the weekend. Our cat is ensconced next to the Aga!

  3. good for you! I used to mulch the leaves never throw them out. I figured the land needed them.


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