Thursday, October 15, 2020

Red leaves

More and more grape leaves are showing their colors. Most of the leaves out back turn yellow and gold. But some parcels have a lot of red in them. I'd guess the yellow and gold leaves belong mostly to sauvignon (blanc) vines. But the distribution of red and yellow doesn't necessarily match how the red and white grapes are distributed among the vineyard parcels. So, I'm at a loss.

Raindrops on grape leaves.

France announced a curfew last night aimed at limiting the spread of the corona virus. It will be implemented in many of the larger metropolitan areas this weekend. The curfew doesn't really affect our region, but it gives one pause. We are as careful as we can be, wearing our masks when out and about (they're obligatory in supermarkets and other stores) and using disinfectant gel after each venture into a store, pharmacy, or doctor's office, and then washing them well once home. I even gel my hands after taking the recycling to the collection point. The recycle collection bins are outdoors and there are no people to interact with, but my hands do touch the bins a little when I put stuff in. You can't be too careful.


  1. We disinfect our hands every time we’re out, no matter what. Such strange and unpleasant times. So lucky we haven’t been ill.

  2. The leaves are stunning. We do much as you do when out and about. I don't really get the curfew thing, but then here it was lifted but social gatherings remained illegal.

  3. I hope the curfew works. This virus is always looking for a host, I long for the day when the virus leaves us alone. Glad you voted!

  4. Beautiful leaves - which look very pink/rosy on my screen. I happened to watch a special on Autumn in New England over the weekend and one of the hosts explained the turning colors of the fall leaves like this: the leaves turn yellow then brown first while keeping the cytokines (sp?) which allow the trees to keep their sugar which take in nutrients from the sun until the last possible moments and then they fall, too. Evidently, the sugars are in the leaves all the time.

    The curfew for the metropolitan areas of France is strange to understand. One could still be abusing the regulations about hand-washing, social distancing and masks up until 9pm - so if people are so inclined there will continue to be a surge. Oh well. Most of us "seniors" are following the rules, is my bet.

    Mary in Oregon

  5. mitch, us too.

    andrew, I think folks, especially politicians (save one), are trying to do something without completely locking down again. Not sure how it will work, but it might scare people enough to be more careful.

    evelyn, so am I!

    mary, trees are amazing critters!


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