Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Time to do something

Our garden shed is not in good shape and we've been thinking about what to do about it. First, we need a mason to fill in the fissures in the wall. There are two visible here on either side of the door, and another larger one that runs from top to bottom on the eastern wall. The shutters just need to be replaced, and the window and sill need a coat of paint. The exterior walls could use a cleaning/painting.

 Jerusalem artichokes in front of our shed. We had the door installed back in 2004.

Some of this work we could do ourselves, but the big stuff we can't. The other issue is that we have other projects in the queue. The deck needs a renovation (if we get a mason for that he might be able to do the shed as well). The garden path could use a makeover. There are shutters we want to add, and there's some electrical improvements we'd like in the utility room. All of our projects were put on hold last spring when the coronavirus did its thing. But now I think we can deal with some of it, especially since most of the work is exterior to the house.


  1. That garden shed has character. I look forward to seeing it lovingly restored... and all your other renovations. I'll get vicarious pleasure.

  2. Walt, are workers readily available now or are they busy with projects that have been postponed because of the pandemic? Looking forward to following all of your improvements. We know that you won’t HGTV your shed.

  3. I thought you had accepted a bid for the gravel work on the pathway. Those "Z" shutters have real character.

  4. Jerusalem artichokes do have pretty flowers! I envy your garden shed. As Mitchell describes it, it has character (Z shutters to the corrugated roofing).

  5. I think it looks charming; must it be repaired?


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