Tuesday, November 24, 2020

All the vines are brown

Fall has done its thing in the vineyards. The brilliant golden leaves of the last months turned brown and dropped to the ground in nearly every parcel. The bare canes take on a reddish/orange color this time of year, but it's a much more subdued hue. As winter settles in, the canes will be pruned from the vines.

Winter is coming.

The grasses growing in the vine parcels are bright green. Some parcels have been neatly mowed, in some the weeds have been plowed up. Still other parcels seem to be growing wild with weeds. I'm sure they will be dealt with soon enough. We learned from the mayor a few days ago that the largest grower out back is working to convert to organic production. She (the daughter of the current grower and winemaker) is testing different kinds of vineyard management techniques. We noticed that in one parcel she's planted a variety of clover between rows as a nitrogen-fixing winter cover crop.


  1. Beautiful colors. It's amazing how quickly it changes. I love the thought of the next generation evolving the production.

  2. ... and the sky is gray... I've been for a walk... on a winter's day
    Ha! You're always good for a clever song lyric pun :)

  3. Judy beat me to it! Good to know that the next generation of winemakers is stepping up.

  4. mitch, it's a multi-generation business and this will be the first time it will run by a woman. Her mom is very active in the business, though, doing all the marketing and export work.

    judy, :)

    bettyann, it's encouraging, for sure. I'd hate for those vineyards to become a development.

  5. One of my favorite Beetle's songs!

    Thanks, Walt and Judy!

    Mary in Oregon


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