Monday, November 02, 2020

Le tilleul

This is the view from the den window, looking west over the back yard toward the vineyards. That big tree in front of the view is un tilleul (linden or lime tree). Its leaves are dropping pretty quickly now.

One day we will have this tree pruned back so it can regrow its canopy. It's no longer crowded by the big fir tree that used to be just to the right.

We're enjoying unseasonably warm temperatures. Méteo France says that today's high will be about 20ºC (68ºF), nine degrees (Celsius) above the average for the day. There's plenty to do outdoors, so it's just a matter of motivation. Inertia is a powerful force. That and tennis on television.


  1. So much more sky without the fir tree! And blue at that.

  2. 20 sounds great. I hope it was a productive day.

  3. I’d vote for tennis. ;)
    The high temperature in central Florida today will be 21C!

  4. It seems to be enjoying the new space! Nice coloring in the sunshine!
    I'm sure you enjoyed the heat today!
    60'ish here.

    Mary in Oregon

  5. mitch, I'm so glad we had that tree removed. The light and air and feeling of space is much improved. And the tree was dying anyway.

    andrew, it was nice!

    bettyann, I did the tennis thing.

    michael, :)

    mary, we're cooling down again now.


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