Sunday, November 29, 2020

Dog on the move

When we first set out for our walks, Tasha is excited. She bounces around, back and forth, sniffing the ground for signs of whoever, or whatever, went before us. This is the start of Saturday afternoon's walk, not long before sunset. We headed down the hill from our back gate to the path that takes us further down into the river valley. Tasha knows the way by heart.

Our route takes us down and around the vines you see on the right, then we head into the woods.

Saturday was a pleasant, sunny, and relatively mild day. I wore a fleece and a baseball cap during the walk. This morning is cold, close to freezing. I'll be wearing my long-johns, coat, scarf, gloves, and a knit cap. We'll head out through the vineyards rather than going down the hill.


  1. Tasha looks like she's hoovering. Beautiful photo.

  2. Good thing there wasn’t a band on the run! Lovely photo.

  3. Any traces of 'undesirables' and she can be relied on to sniff them out.

  4. Getting cold here, too. Lovely to see Tasha!

  5. I can relate to the utter joy a dog feels in going on a walk. We take Dinah down to a grassy, isolated area down the road by the ocean where she can run free. The joy in her face is unmistakable.

  6. Oh! I have been trying to email you on something and it comes back undelivered. Would you be a dear and send me you proper email address? thank you

  7. I've read about how dogs have gazillions of sense receptors in their noses, so they can smell layer upon layer of information that totally escapes humans. My dog is the same way, nose to the ground, soaking up data.

  8. mitch, she almost is!

    bettyann, I almost called this post "dog on the run," but decided against it since she's not running from anything.

    michael, as you know!

    raybeard, she does chase birds. When they're flying. Up in the sky. Silly dog.

    judy, brrrr!

    mark, they love to run free.

    emm, sounds about right!


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