Monday, November 16, 2020

While it's still fall [1]

Even though most of the grape leaves are gone now, a few linger here and there. These are from here. Tomorrow I'll post some from there.

Red gold and (a little) green.

Yesterday's storm wasn't much of a storm, but it blew through on schedule. The winds were not as bad as originally predicted. And we got less rain than I expected.

In other news, the mouse trap worked this time. Poor little thing. Once it gets light outside, I'll take the little critter out and release him, far from the house.


  1. Such rich colors. Looking forward to seeing the ones from there.

  2. Oh, poor little guy. But, it's what you've got to do. What did the trick?

    Beautiful color on these leaves :)

  3. I think here and there both produce nice colors.

  4. Mice are so cute. Glad your little guy is getting released.

  5. mitch, today's the day!

    judy, I turned the trigger around. That probably doesn't help...

    bettyann, yes!

    evelyn, he may end up a meal for an owl, or even Bert, but he's got a chance.

  6. another stunner.
    I must remember to ask your permission next autumn to use some of these for my wallpaper.


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