Monday, November 23, 2020

Choo choo!

This is our local train station. It's across the river in the town of Noyers-sur-Cher. I took the photo back in 2012 when Ken and I were on our way to Paris then on to upstate New York. It was around 06h00, just before the regional train was to depart for Tours (Saint-Pierre-des-Corps) where we transferred to a TGV (high-speed train) to Paris and the airport. We did the whole thing in reverse on the way home.

The track-side view of our local train station.

As you can see, I'm out of new photos. We're taking one of the cars in this morning for it's biennial inspection. The other car gets inspected in a few weeks. I've got to call the doctor's office for an appointment to get my prescriptions renewed. We will also head out to a butcher shop this week to get our leg of lamb for Thanksgiving dinner. It's a busy time of year!

Looking east waiting for our train to arrive.

Meanwhile, we continue to enjoy tasting this year's Beaujolais nouveau. Not that it's all that special. It's made from the same grape variety (gamay) as a lot of our local red wine here in the Touraine, so we're more or less used to it. Most of it sells for less than four euros a bottle (just under $5 US), which is a little more than we usually spend on wine. LOL.


  1. We get spoiled by the price of really good wine here, too, especially since we know so little about wine. In the States, we'd pick wine by its price for dinners we were hosting. Cheap equalled bad. What did we know? And even less now!

  2. You can't go wrong with a train station photo or two!

  3. Agreeing with Mitchell and Judy.

  4. last weekend we got us two bottles of the stuff
    I look forward to a glass this weekend.

  5. that train station looks like any number of stations in this country. and I see it's cold in your area, as it is in mine. tomorrow I'm picking up 2 bottles of local made pink catawba wine for thursday. lasagna (for me) and turkey (for him) are on our menu.

  6. mitch, I think wine is a luxury product in the US. Not so here, although you can spend WAY too much on wine if you want to.

    judy, :)

    bettyann, :)

    michael, let me know how you like it!

    anne marie, sounds tasty! I haven't had pink catawba since the 70s! They made a lot of it in New York State.

  7. You were right about not finding Le Chat Rouge here in U.S., Walt!
    All that I found throughout my city was Georges Deboeuf for $11.99/bouteille at World Market others were higher. I chose to drink the Malbec that came with a 95 or 96 rating, I believe at $6.99 at Costco. Purchased earlier this year!

    Mary in Oregon


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