Friday, November 20, 2020

What's left

This is what's left after the mechanical harvesters pass through a vineyard parcel. The machines vibrate the grapes right off the stems then suck the debris (leaves and stray stems) away. When grapes are harvested by hand, the picker clips the entire bunch, stems and all, from the vine. Is one method better than another? I don't know. I suspect, however, that really ripe or fragile grapes would be damaged by the roughness of the mechanical process. Some wines, like Champagne and certain Beaujolais, are required to be made from hand-harvested grapes.

Naked grape bunches are what's left after mechanical harvesting.

And speaking of Beaujolais, we enjoyed our first 2020 nouveau with yesterday's lunch. It's good, but I thought it would benefit from a little breathing or decanting. I also saw some Beaujolais nouveau rosé at the store and got a couple bottles. I'm going to try that out today. I think that 2020 wines are expected to be good due to the hot and dry summer that followed a wet, but mild, spring. Let's hope so!


  1. I wish SG liked alcoholic beverages. I'd enjoy sampling different wines -- but not alone. The photo is another example of your great eye (and skill).

  2. We enjoyed going to the Beaujolais nouveau fundraiser every year in Albany. We will miss it this year.

  3. judy, you'll see how it went in Saturday's post.

    bettyann, :)

    mitch, it's more fun to have someone to talk with and share notes.

    breenlantern, it's a bad year for gatherings, that's for sure.


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