Wednesday, November 04, 2020


It's cold outside this morning. The thermometer on the deck reads 2.2ºC (about 36ºF). I guess that's why they call it Novembrrrrr. With the cold come clear skies, so we can expect a bright and sunny day.

Looking northeasterly over the vineyards toward our hamlet and across the river valley.

My dental appointment went fine, pretty much as expected. There's no way to fill the tooth, there's not enough of it left for that. I can opt for a root canal and a crown. The x-rays showed that the roots are calcified. I'm not sure if that means they're dead or what, but I think so. The other option is to leave it all alone. But if the other half of the tooth breaks off, there's no chance for reconstruction. So I have to think about this.

A funny thing: when I told the dentist that I got that filling in 1981, he looked at me and said, "That's older than me."


  1. The colors are magnificent, and the clouds. Smart ass dentist... then again, he was simply telling the truth. That's the year SG and I met. Often, when we tell someone, they'll say, "Oh that's the year I was born" or "Oh, that's before I was born." I often have two words for them. It's a brrrr 16C here right now... and rain is supposedly on its way.

  2. Cheeky dentist! They made the fillings to last in those days!

  3. I like your dentist. Crowns and root canals here run about one thousand each. Dental decisions are difficult.

  4. All the colors for November: yellows, golds, oranges, browns and then that beautiful sky!

    I am just very impressed that you keep such good records or you can remember when you had a filling for a particular tooth! Oh, btw, 1981 was the year my daughter was born!

    Mary in Oregon

  5. Love the picture! Sorry about the dentist. I hate things dental. My dentist is a "kid" too.

  6. mitch, I hope you get some rain!

    jean, I guess so. Still, I'd like it to have lasted longer!

    judy, he was very nice, otherwise. ;)

    evelyn, I don't really know what it would cost.

    mary, no records. I just remember that I got my fillings (the only ones I have) the year I first went to France.

    michael, I like getting my teeth cleaned, but other work is nerve wracking.


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