Wednesday, November 11, 2020

View from the den

Here's a view looking westerly from the den. The view was opened up earlier this year when we had a big spruce tree taken out. The tree was too close to the house, too crowded between the tilleul and a Himalayan cedar and, most importantly, it was dying. I'm glad not to have the needles raining down on the roof and gutters.

Looking out toward the vegetable garden from the den.

This morning we're under heavy fog. I went out in the dark with Tasha (so she could do her business) and everything was very wet. My flashlight showed the air thick with tiny droplets, like a lighthouse beaming out through a thick brume. I could hear a rhythmic dripping from the trees as an owl hoo-hooted from the woods on the north side of the fence. Tasha was quickly done and we headed back indoors.


  1. I love how your view has been opened. Do you suppose you can teach Tasha to rake leaves?

  2. Perfect setting for a mystery party ;)

  3. I’m with Judy as I immediately thought of Agatha Christie while reading your description of the early morning weather and sounds. Is your den the room with the wood stove? Another lovely view.

  4. both views are lovely lucky to have them both.

  5. mitch, if only!

    judy, :)

    bettyann, the wood stove is in the living room.

    michael, yup!


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